047 Sue Doro – Machinist

By admin, March 21, 2018

Sue Doro was a machinist in the mid west during the 70s and 80s working mainly on the Milwaukee Railroad. Later, she moved to California where she became Executive Director at Tradeswomen Inc (tradeswomen.org). Sue has always been a writer of poetry and has several published books, including Blue Collar Goodbyes and Heart, Home and Hardhats. She is also Editor of the Pride and a Paycheck newsletter (www.prideandapaycheck.com) and began the Blue Jean Pocket Writers workshops, which encourages working class women to express themselves through writing.

This interview is part of a growing international archive documenting the experiences of women working in manual trades and non traditional employment.

Sue was interviewed on 21/03/2018 at her home in Oakland, CA (USA).